Where is my mind?

Just watched FIGHT CLUB all the way through for the first time ever. There’s a lot of Brad Pitt that reminds me of my old college and uni mate, Stuart Moss. But anyway, coming away from that, the film talks about split personalities and what not.

I myself have many personalities that I’ve tended to give names to. Well, I say many, there are currently two: the first of which being ALEX. Alex is the personification of who I want to be – the desire – smart, sexy, overly confident, but mostly he runs smoothly in the areas of impulsive thinking. He’s that voice in your head with the smarmy outspoken attitude towards life – the voice that says “I want that” and “I’m gonna have that” and pretty much does what he wants in an overly confident way. If I were to describe him, I’d say he’s 22 and full of attitude. He’s the guy that sees a hot, attractive girl/guy and says “Oh fuck yes please!” then becomes all flirty and lustful. Then the games begin.

Then, there’s ARTEMOUS – the conscience. The rule maker. The one that says “wow there, if you do this then this will happen, and is that right?”. Arty is the gentleman. The “toff” with the wisdom to see beyond each action, be it good or bad. Always thinking of the consequences. How does he look? Edwardian gentleman in a waistcoat, top hat, frock coat and a pipe. Not to mention the circular moon shades he wears. Maybe even throw in a cane there, and he smokes a pipe. In truth, he looks like a posh, gentlemanly tramp – the kind that Johnny Depp would play. He keeps to the rules and keeps myself in check, often making me do the right thing. But then, he has Alex to contend with, and Alex is like a big teenage kid, always wanting to play and get what he wants. Sometimes, the two are in great conflict with each other, which leaves me with a dilemma.

In the end, the choices I make, forge who I become.

Do you have any personalities in your own life? If so, what are they? What do they look like? And just who are You?


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