Recent Activity

This week has been slightly demanding due to project deadlines and the timing of work. I’ve updated my look slightly – from the shirt and smart wastecoat look to the summery T-shirt and hoody jacket theme with brighter colours – can’t be arsed with the dark and mysterious Time Lord look for the moment. Not whilst we still have this amazing sunshine!!


I’m currently sat on my terrace light-well with a small bag of sweets and flicking through Grindr on my phone. Recently I’ve met a couple of guys via that app. Some of them have been nice – really nice. But unfortunately the nice ones must always live far away. I’m still undecided about what gender I go for most. Still haven’t met the right kind of guy or girl for that matter, but then life is young. No sense in worrying about anything like that as yet. Although, should that person read this, then for god’s sake message me lol


I’ve been reading more of Yeahthatsfine‘s short stories, and I’m loving them all. This guy’s writing style and passion just leaps off the page and draws you in as a reader, like nobody else’s work I’ve read before. Seriously, this guy should have been published ages back. It’s so refreshing to get his post updates in the email. They make a nice break from the usual internet garbage. Check out his amazing works via this link below: 

And if he’s reading this, then Hello! lol

As for my own writing, it’s still on hold (apart from these blogs). I just need more experience to draw on. I’ve not uploaded or filmed a youtube blog in ages. Mostly because I’ve not been in the mood, but also because I never had anything of true importance to upload. I consider my life to be fairly boring half the time, but then I’ve done things and seen things that most people would never understand or believe. I still always check the shadows in the corners of the room, when I turn the bedroom light out, every night – even though my flat is relatively new. “Why do you do this” you ask? I’ve met and fought with the right hand of the devil himself, in a psychic battle for the soul. It’s not often one survives a demon that tries to kill you, twice. Might even write a proper blog about it at some point… See. I said you’d never believe me.



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