What for Christmas?

Christmas is coming – there’s decorations in all the shops and offers on all over the place – and yet am I prepared?? Nope. Sigh.

Christmas is just not as fun when you don’t have the money to get something for everyone. Time was, I had the money to do what I wanted (to a certain extent) but at the moment the finances are in the shit. So this year I guess I’ll just be focusing on the family.

I don’t ask for anything this Christmas. I don’t need people to buy me stuff. Just spending time with friends and loved ones will do me fine. But then, what do you get for your family? I’ve got Mum, Dad and three brothers to get for! 

Even though finances aren’t all that good at the moment, I’ll attempt to spend at least £10 on someone. But then, what do you get them…?

It has to be something practical – something they’ll use often and be grateful for. There’s no point in spending money on a gift that they’re going to use once and then chuck to the side to gather dust over the years. No, I’m not getting Socks lol

Perhaps YOU could suggest something. It has to be a maximum of £10 per person and must be practical.


Comment away people! 🙂


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