IMMORTALS – No Monsters, just Sexy Men

I’ve just come back from cineworld after watching IMMORTALS – the new greek gore film with lots of fighting and gorgeous half naked men (ooh, just imagine). The film was watchable, but wasn’t quite what I was expecting. For instance, there were no monsters. Now, when you think of Gods an Titans you’d think of old beardy men and women (though not all women with beards) in robes looking down and fighting off great terrible monsters made of rock and lava, or creatures beyond our worst nightmares. The film received none of this.

What I did recieve was a film full of men and women with sexy, druel-over Gods, and Titans that were just men covered in mud paint and action moves. Ok. I can live with the thought of the ‘Gods’ being these perfect looking young men and women – and i’m sure each one would make a terrific poster on my bedroom wall (nom nom nom) – but the fight scenes that ensued made it look more like ’300′ meets Batman, Robin and Batgirl.

I was hoping for some Titans to kick ass; move a few mountains and crush a few villagers. Alas, they remained to fight in their little prison cave.

Still, the leading man playing Theseus, Henry Cavill, (nom nom nom) was able to carry the film all the way.

All in all, enjoyable, watchable, but no ‘man vs big monster‘. More like ‘Man vs lots of other men… with sexy camp costumes’.