Over-Active Day

Yesterday was the longest day ever. We had a staff meeting for work at 8am, so I got up at 6:30am to get ready… well, I tried. My workmate Sam BBM’d me (that’s blackberry message) at about 3:45am asking me to phone her in the morning to get her up in time to catch a bus, so that she could get to the staff meeting also. Being the nice person I am I obliged, but after that I only got about 2 hours sleep. So when the alarm went off, getting out of bed and into the shower was torture!!!

On arrival at work, I was greeted with the oddest sight ever – a FULL BLOWN BREAKFAST over the till. Fruit, cereal, the works. Usually we only get a single bacon roll, so this was indeed a massive change. The meeting was enjoyable after that.

After completing some work forms, I wasn’t due to start work until 1pm. So I set off into the city; first to Specsavers to pick up my brand new glasses (one of which having reactor lenses!!). It’s soo nice to be able to SEE again. Over the past few months everything more than two metres away from me has been a bit of a blur. Now I can see things in the long distance (yes, I’m short sighted).

I made a trip to the WMC (Wales Millennium Centre) in Cardiff Bay to buy a birthday present for Mammo (my nan). It’s her 85th birthday on Tuesday 12th of July. I don’t get to see her very often because of work and Cardiff life and she’s getting really old so I never know when I won’t see her next. So I wanted to get her something very special indeed. She has a great love for the film THE ‘SOUND OF MUSIC’ and I noticed on the WMC website that they were performing it in August. So, as a treat for Mammo, I got her two tickets for the live performance. I hope she’ll be thrilled. She’s never been to see a show so big, and, with it being her favourite film, I reckon it’ll be something to remember.
Mum probably won’t like the idea though; she doesn’t believe Mammo to be into stuff like that because she’s very ‘stuck in her old ways’. But I don’t listen to her. Because Mammo is greater than she believes. She should have more faith in her own mother.

Work was long and hard afterwards. Having two hours sleep had really drained me and I could feel my brain wanting to fold in on itself. I hate that feeling. By the end of the shift, which was about 8:10pm, I was so tired that as soon as I got home to the flat I crashed out in the recliner chair and slept.

I hate days like that!

Too Early!!!
Waking up after 2 hours sleep