Running From The Ground Up

I’ve just got back from Barry, from another update meeting for GRIM: A TALE OF DEATH.

So far we’re still waiting on the completion of the entire script, which isn’t too far off. Seeing as the story has moulded slightly, I’m looking forward to seeing what new traits my character will be. At the moment I’ve got some films to look into for research – character based films and war films – to build up a general idea of what will be necessary for filming and acting. I want my performance to be amazing detailed and believable no matter what.

I’ve always felt myself to be at a big disadvantage due to the fact that I never went to Drama school – and can’t even afford to now. I envy my friends who have been. They’ve had that training and learned those skills they never even touched upon at my university. So I’m going for it myself; reading the books, self teaching myself from the ground up.

In a couple of days I’m hoping to get the ‘Stanislavski Toolkit‘ book in the post to skim through and indulge in. I’m really hoping to push myself this year in terms of acting work.

I’ve also gained interest and thought into learning new skills for my CV, such as;

  1. Fencing and Sword Fighting
    There’s a fencing club in Cardiff that charge about £10 per lesson, which sounds both affordable and exciting. I used to do fencing in university, but only attended a few classes. I’d love to carry on the skill.
  2. Horse Riding
    I’ve heard of a couple of places nearby that do horse riding sessions for less than £50. Course, it’s an expensive trait to learn, but something to think about in later days when my money’s a lot better. Certainly something good for the acting CV.

I’ve also contemplated cancelling my cineworld membership card and taking up the new gym above Capitol Centre in Cardiff instead – it’s pretty much the same price. I’ve had my cineworld card for a number of years, but i’ve hardly used it at all. It’s a waste of money really if I’m paying for this monthly membership and don’t use it because there’s nobody at all to go with.

I want to get fit this year. I want to push myself further and further and get myself out of this shitty mess I’ve landed myself in, both financially and career-wise. I know I can do better.

I just need to get off my lazy ass and do it.

The Diary of Andras: Extract 1 (GRIM: A TALE OF DEATH)

I’ve been bonding with Andras for most of today – the character I’m playing in our upcoming Web Series: ‘GRIM: A TALE OF DEATH’. Andras is one of the Grim Reapers, who’s job is to reap souls. I’ve even started his diary – he keeps a notebook on him with his memories and notes. Had to shed a tear at this one though. Was listening to the ‘ALAN WAKE’ soundtrack and came across the track called ‘Departure’.

This is a memory I created for Andras the Reaper:

I recall one soul that I had to reap. A little girl, no older than five. She was dying in a hospital ward, on christmas eve. Her name was Madeline Macurry. A pretty little thing. So young. Deep blue eyes.

She thought I looked like her uncle Matthew. I said I knew him, having reaped his soul some months prior. Liver cancer – he was a heavy smoker during his life. Although what she didn’t know was that he was an un-convicted pedophile and had committed several acts of rape and abuse to other younger people. I had to send his soul to the underworld, to the very gates of Oblivion. I still remember his plead-full cries and begs of forgiveness.

But that wasn’t where young Madeline was going. Such a sweet little girl of five. A mere nanosecond of life, compared to the lifetime of my own people. This young thing would never grow up to become a doctor or a teacher or even a mother of her own. She would never have to worry about bills or experience the love of a husband. She would remain young forever, in a happier place.

And there she was, sitting in a hospital bed, in her pink flowery pyjamas, holding on to a little stuffed bear. The doctors were unable to cure her stomach sickness.

I smiled down at her, warmly.

“Can teddy come too?” she asked in her innocent little voice.
“Of course he can.” I smiled.

I couldn’t tell her the truth, that teddy bears have no soul. Poor young child.