Friendly Coffee

Today I met up with a really nice guy for coffee and chat – at last, someone decent exists in the world!! It’s nice to get those days when you meet a guy from online who isn’t just interested in getting their end away. I was actually begining to think that all the decent people in this world were gone or just hiding, but then, when you’re on date sites like Grindr, fitlads and the like, its obvious you’re gonna meet a few dicks (no pun intended).

At the moment I’m trying to build friends within the gay community, because I don’t have that many gay friends. Being bisexual, I like to have a good balance.

Grindr is actually a phone app that acts as a radar, browsing for nearby gay cruising males. Even Steven Fry has it apparently! I think there’s a lesbian version as well, I’m not sure. I’m not a lesbian lol. The trouble is that most users aren’t interested in making friends or chatting over tea and coffee, like normal human beings. But now and then you find someone who actually wants to chat and be friends.

There’s hope yet!


Bisexual Flirting

I seem to have become a lot more comfortable with flirting with both guys and girls of late. Mostly guys though because, to be honest, there aren’t that many girls around that I’d go for. I’m definitely becoming more solid as a person within my bisexuality. It’s a good thing – it makes more more clear minded than I was before, when I’d go crazy over some guy or girl I’d met.

Love is something that is grown and built up over time – same as feelings for another person. Until that happens with a person, it’ll just be fun times for me. I mean, you’re only young once.