Tonight’s List In Preparation

Right then, things to do:

1. Feed the reindeer… that’s if FENTON!! hasn’t chased the fuckers off again.

2. Get the Sleigh through its MOT… That tail light needs repairing but the new sub-whoofer is installed and ready to knock out some damn good jingle-beats tonight! XD

3. Remember to use the toilet BEFORE we leave and store spare loo roll in a SEPARATE sack… last year was just embarrassing.

4. Make note to pack pooper scooper and bags for the reindeer… we don’t want to get fined again. I swear, if they keep that up, I’ll invest in a Vortex Manipulator and partake of venison!

Oh and 5. Remember to pack the ‘disabled’ parking badge.

That should be it. All in all, I think we’re in for an interesting work shift tonight boys!

Merry Christmas!

x x x

EXTRAS – SCENE REPLICA – John Hutch as Patrick Steward

As part of their university project, my film student friends were asked to make a REPLICA of a scene from a television program. They chose to recreate a scene from the comedy series EXTRAS with Ricky Gervais, featuring Patrick Stuart.

Filmed in my friend’s apartment, it took several (if not multiple) takes to perform each shot, due to the amount of corpsing. Considering I was given the script that very same morning, it was a lot of lines to learn, but fun to make.

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[This video is a REPLICA of a scene from the TV series EXTRAS and is NOT of my own creation]