He Had Captivating Blue Eyes

Here is a short film/monologue I was given an hour to learn before recording. Written and Directed by Lewis McGregor

Doyle: Student Murder Mystery

This past week I’ve been working with ‘Cardiff University Atrium‘ students to help film their huge project “DOYLE” – a modern day murder mystery with famous historical celebrities such as Conan Doyle, Harry Houdini, Dylan Thomas and a few others.

I played the part of Oscar Wilde!!!

We filmed at ‘Baskerville Hall Hotel‘ in Powys. The building was so beautiful and grand with huge rooms and lush grounds, we all felt we were right there in the setting! The perfect location for a murder mystery!!

During the filming I had the greatest privilege of working with some of the most professional students I’ve worked with in a while. They were organised, enthusiastic and had everything in the bag, which made for very smooth sailing!! Hats off to Amy Jones for keeping us all on the ball!

What I loved the most about this project was getting to work alongside some extremely gifted actors. My fellow compadres, Wyn Hopkins, had a great scene with me too – playing the drunk Dylan Thomas, he actually brought some very fine whiskey on set for us to share – even during takes, unbeknownst to the crew!! We polished off the bottle shortly after wrapping on set.

Seeing as we were filming at the privileged location of Baskerville Hall Hotel, Powys, I took the opportunity to bring along my Deerstalker hat and Sherlockian Coburn coat for a few top-notch snaps. The photographer was ‘Jeff Corney’ and he was such a delight to pose for!!

Filming continues this Thursday at the Atrium for the last few scenes. I’m so looking forward to working alongside the team again shortly!

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