End of the Stanislavski Journey

Stanislavski creating a role book cover
Stanislavski: Creating A Role (book cover)

So I’ve finally come to the climax of the third Stanislavski book: Creating A Role. It’s been a long journey, trudging through all three books, including the first ‘An Actor Prepares’ and the second ‘Building A Character’. It’s taken me a good couple of years, if not longer, of having a read, putting it down, picking it up weeks later and then forcing myself to mow on through their endless pages of words and technical terms. Not easy when you’re dyslexic. But at last, I’ve completed the final page.

So what have I learned?

To be honest, a lot of it is common sense when it comes to acting. But Stanislavski goes into greater detail – the deeper aspects of the acting role; stuff like “you must know Who you are, Where you come from and Why you’re here when you first set foot on the stage” through magic “what if’s”. It’s very deep and mind numbing at times. Reading the books is almost like trying to process heavy translations from another language, into meaning in your head. For someone with dyslexia, such as myself, who finds it hard to absorb information quickly, the books are heavy going and will definitely require a second read in some parts. But it’s been an insightful journey none the less.

Where to next?

I’ve ordered The Complete Stanislavski Toolkit from Waterstones, which I’ve heard, from so many people, is far easier to understand and read than the original three books separately. So hopefully I’ll draw greater meaning and understanding from it.


What about you?

If you study Drama and Acting, do you find Stanislavski a hard read? What do You make of him and his books?


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My Weekly Agenda

During the previous year, I rapidly became increasingly lazy and distracted from my ‘hobby life‘ due to working full time and worrying about bills and finances. Nothing much has changed. But this year I have decided it’s TIME. I’m going to THROW myself back into my hobby life of acting and writing fiction.

I’ve made it my goal that I will, by the end of this year, have EPISODE ONE of my Doctor Who Fan Film series done and dusted in script format. That is my goal. My target.

In order to get back on the road towards this, I’ve given myself a whole list of tasks to complete for this week, and indeed EVERY week:


  1. Learn a new skill
  2. Read 3 Chapters of ‘Stanislavski: Building A Character’
  3. Read a BBC Drama script (acquired from http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom)
  4. Read a stage play
  5. Read a short story


  1. 2 Blogs (on here)
  2. 1 Synopsis, Plot or Scene


  1. Record 1 video diary or VLOG for the week on Youtube (yes, more Vlogs to come!)
  2. Get some general exercise and GET FIT!
  3. Tea and coffee with friends

A rather steep list, but not an impossible one! This will keep me active and pick me back up from the lazy sad git I have become. Although, when I say lazy I mean when I get back home from working 35 hours a week full time. I really want to better my career and skills. There is more for me to do in this world. It’s time I stood up and did it.


  • Do YOU have a weekly agenda to keep yourself active? If so, what does YOURS include?
  • If not, then what tasks do you wish you WERE doing?

Feel free to leave a comment or reply 🙂

John x x x