I Support Marriage Equality

Recently of late, I’ve beeing hearing and seeing a lot about Marriage Equality – the issue of same sex marriage – and same sex parenthood. As a bisexual man myself, I am all for same sex marriage. I think if you truly love someone with all your heart it shouldn’t matter what gender they are. Love knows no bounds.

Of course, a lot of people are against it – because of religious beliefs or some old fashioned idea of how things must be. But the world is changing. People are opening up to new ideas and accepting a lot more; maybe because it’s been around for some time. Gay marriage has been legal for a short period of time, and people are still in the shock/horror stage of having it in their world. But then people are always like that when introduced to something new.

The other week, in work, I actually saw a couple of guys – completely non-camp and rather good looking – who had two young kids. They were perhaps the happiest couple I’d seen. I’d never seen same sex parents in real life before, apart from in some soaps on TV. But to see these guys just being a great family was a joy and really made my day. It certainly makes you smile.

A lot of people get distracted by the stereotype of gay/bi people being “overly camp”. But in truth, not everyone is. These two guys with the kids could probably pass for straight football or rugby players – what homophobes call “normal” guys – except they were clearly a couple by the way they held a hand or helped each other out… even the way they spoke to each other with great care and affection. It was heart warming.

I’d love to see more of this in real life.

The world is not an impossible place. People can make a difference.


Bisexual Flirting

I seem to have become a lot more comfortable with flirting with both guys and girls of late. Mostly guys though because, to be honest, there aren’t that many girls around that I’d go for. I’m definitely becoming more solid as a person within my bisexuality. It’s a good thing – it makes more more clear minded than I was before, when I’d go crazy over some guy or girl I’d met.

Love is something that is grown and built up over time – same as feelings for another person. Until that happens with a person, it’ll just be fun times for me. I mean, you’re only young once.