The Death of a Ship

I’ve just lost my ship in a space battle on ‘EVE online’. It’s quite a saddening thought. All those lovely weapons I had and the ammunition. I was using a Gallente Destroyer, and taking on the big criminal dooshbag in the epic story ark. Yet, for some reason, when in imminent danger of destruction, my warp computer couldn’t turn us around and head to a safe point. Might have been a glitch. But it’s failure to operate resulted in the destruction of my ship.

Luckily I was left floating in space, inside an emergency survival pod. I made a quick warping exit, before anyone else could fire upon me and completely end my life. It rather sickened me that the game wouldn’t kick the warp-drive into action when I’d told it to. Now, I am shipless.

I’ve had to journey to the nearest station – some 9 jumps away – and purchase a new vessel of the same calibre. But this one is without weapons or ammunition attached. The journey took even longer due to the fact that the life pod wasn’t equipped with afterburners, which act as extra thrust speed in space. I’ve probably failed my main mission, but then, I still have my life.

On a lighter note, out of EVE character, I’d been planning on spending a single month with the game, seeing as you have to pay for it per month. Not something I’d want to keep up. After completing a 14 day trial, I was tempted into giving it a month test, just to see what the rest of the online game is like. It’s impressive, I’ll give it that. But it poses as a major distraction from my study and spare life from work. Quite often I find myself staying up extremely late, just to play the online game, going to bed at 4am or later. Not exactly healthy. Perhaps it is time that I stopped.

Still, it is an amazing game.


Everyone’s Doctor

I just had a phone call from a dear old friend of mine – a Mr. Arron J Lindsey – from Kent, currently studying Art Design in Stoke University. He was drunk, but his reason for calling me was because he needed someone to talk to. In his own words, he said he needed his “Doctor” – aka, me.

The term Doctor is derived not from the medical profession, but from that very same Time Lord (Doctor Who) that goes whizzing off through time and space in a silly little blue box; righting wrongs, fighting monsters and making people see the better in themselves. The term means something along the lines of “noble, trustworthy and wise friend”. Not that I’m very wise.

I certainly don’t travel through time and space in a blue box. BUT, I do have a habit of stepping into people’s lives and trying to make order.

“It has become a fact, Jamie… that I do tend to get involved in things”
Patrick Troughton: the 2nd Doctor

There was a time when I would interfere outrightly in the affairs of other people; when their domestics and individual lives had turned to darkness and despair, I’d step in and try to calm things. Indeed, that is how I’ve met quite a number of my family of friends. I know what it is to be alone and afraid. I know what it’s like when you don’t fit in because you’re different, and a dark place it is too.

So, I tried to help. Tried to connect to people. The title of Doctor comes under the category of ‘special friend’. Maybe even your best friend. The person you can talk to and trust and share secrets and problems with and never feel the fool. The person who takes a shitty day and makes you smile and laugh. And they do it because they want to. Not because they have to.

We ‘Doctors’ live by a moral code. What do we do? We take people who don’t believe in themselves and we push them, challenge them, into standing up for what they dream about. We encourage, inspire, and we don’t stop till they’re on their feet and marching towards that end goal, full of self confidence and drive.

Telling someone you believe in them and have faith in them is all it takes to get them started. Giving them a bond of friendship that is stronger than any other keeps them going. Then before you know it, they’re off on their own adventures, doing the same to everyone else.

We’re always solving people’s troubles, even for random people we don’t even know – although nothing is truly random; everything happens for a reason. We are all destined for greatness; we just need the right friends to get us there. We’re trustworthy people. Men of honour. It is our duty to make your day just that little more special by making you feel special as yourself. All the antics of a good friend.

I’ve become ‘Doctor’ to so many a people over the years. I’ve even lost count. And the perks of the job? People miss you most of all. You make a difference to the world around you. (And the truth is we make the best boyfriends, because we’re bloody fantastic lol)

Will I ever stop?


To all those who I’ve inspired and pushed forward, I salute you and love you. And I’m very proud of you all =)