Tonight’s List In Preparation

Right then, things to do:

1. Feed the reindeer… that’s if FENTON!! hasn’t chased the fuckers off again.

2. Get the Sleigh through its MOT… That tail light needs repairing but the new sub-whoofer is installed and ready to knock out some damn good jingle-beats tonight! XD

3. Remember to use the toilet BEFORE we leave and store spare loo roll in a SEPARATE sack… last year was just embarrassing.

4. Make note to pack pooper scooper and bags for the reindeer… we don’t want to get fined again. I swear, if they keep that up, I’ll invest in a Vortex Manipulator and partake of venison!

Oh and 5. Remember to pack the ‘disabled’ parking badge.

That should be it. All in all, I think we’re in for an interesting work shift tonight boys!

Merry Christmas!

x x x