Just A Trim


Today I decided it was high time that I had a hair cut.

My hair, as you can see from the final moments of the video blog below, has grown extremely long. I’ve always had it cut so I can brush it forward and down… and it’s always had a damn parting in the middle.

I’ve often wondered what I would look like if I had it cut so that I could grow it backwards – a lot of you have messaged me saying you love my hair longish. Well, I’m inclined to agree with you fans 🙂

So, for 2014, something new!

When it comes to things like Dentists or Haircuts or anything to do with being delicate with my body, I have to be very specific. I have to TRUST the person handing my body, so I’m not gonna go to any old nut-job with a scissors and a sign that reads: “OPEN”.

I’ve seen some truly awful barbers in my past – one of them in my home town of Abertillery, called ‘PEDRO’s’, who’s last words to me were, “You either have it cut the one way I know, or you find yourself a girly shop” as all he knew how to do was shave a head and a face. Suffice to say it, he lost himself a good paying customer.

Another bad barbers I went to was in Wolverhampton, during my university years. He charged me £10 for a cut that made me look like an ex-soldier with a wig. Ah, those student days… But I digress.

These days, I normally go to a hair salon called RHINO, based in the Royal Arcade in Cardiff, just off St Mary’s Street. Unfortunately though, by the time I got there it was closed for business and couldn’t fit me in. Right next door though, was a new barber salon called the “Keep the Faith Social Club” and seemed far more suited to Men than RHINO. So, I gave it a chance.

The result I got was great! 😀

Normally hairdressers I go to just bang out any old cut and I always find myself leaving the premises thinking “don’t worry, it’ll grow on you” as they’ll cut it a little too short or not quite how I imagined. But these big chaps with their shaved hair and red waistcoats, whom looked more suited to being ‘Rock & Roll’ bouncers than gentlemen of the trim, gave a far more satisfying and delicate service.

Suffice to say it, I left with my head held high and thinking “This looks fantastic.” I’ll definitely be returning in future.


Have YOU had any bad experiences at the hair dressers or barbers?

Any hair-raising tales to tell?

Or do YOU have a favourite salon/barbers that you personally frequent?

Comment below and share 🙂


Recent Activity

This week has been slightly demanding due to project deadlines and the timing of work. I’ve updated my look slightly – from the shirt and smart wastecoat look to the summery T-shirt and hoody jacket theme with brighter colours – can’t be arsed with the dark and mysterious Time Lord look for the moment. Not whilst we still have this amazing sunshine!!


I’m currently sat on my terrace light-well with a small bag of sweets and flicking through Grindr on my phone. Recently I’ve met a couple of guys via that app. Some of them have been nice – really nice. But unfortunately the nice ones must always live far away. I’m still undecided about what gender I go for most. Still haven’t met the right kind of guy or girl for that matter, but then life is young. No sense in worrying about anything like that as yet. Although, should that person read this, then for god’s sake message me lol


I’ve been reading more of Yeahthatsfine‘s short stories, and I’m loving them all. This guy’s writing style and passion just leaps off the page and draws you in as a reader, like nobody else’s work I’ve read before. Seriously, this guy should have been published ages back. It’s so refreshing to get his post updates in the email. They make a nice break from the usual internet garbage. Check out his amazing works via this link below:


And if he’s reading this, then Hello! lol

As for my own writing, it’s still on hold (apart from these blogs). I just need more experience to draw on. I’ve not uploaded or filmed a youtube blog in ages. Mostly because I’ve not been in the mood, but also because I never had anything of true importance to upload. I consider my life to be fairly boring half the time, but then I’ve done things and seen things that most people would never understand or believe. I still always check the shadows in the corners of the room, when I turn the bedroom light out, every night – even though my flat is relatively new. “Why do you do this” you ask? I’ve met and fought with the right hand of the devil himself, in a psychic battle for the soul. It’s not often one survives a demon that tries to kill you, twice. Might even write a proper blog about it at some point… See. I said you’d never believe me.