Vlog 112 – Happy New Year!

I’ve started making youtube blogs again and am planning on delivering at least one per month for the rest of this year.

I want to get myself into gear and back into the hobbies I love 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about the web series I mentioned – Grim: A Tale of Death – then check out our links below.

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Have a great new year guys 😀
x x x


Still here???!

Hello Viewers!!!! Mucho love from the Hutch-miester here!

Wow, there are actually still people reading my stuff!!! That’s kind of incredible seeing as I’ve not posted anything in ages. Well, of course, I try to post things when I have something to say or share.

If you hadn’t noticed, I post most of my thoughts and updates on my twitter @john_hutch which is connected to my Facebook page. Maybe I should create an actual Facebook page for my acting work and creations… Hmm, maybe at some later point – I want at least a good wedge of stuff to stick up first.


For those of you who haven’t noticed, I’m coming up to 50 posts on here. I’ll try and make the big 50 Something special indeed.


Its fantastic that you guys are still there to support me in all I do 🙂 

I wouldn’t be as confident as I am if I didn’t have you wonderful beautiful people to push me forward, so just wanna say thanks so much 😀 


Love you all lots!!!

Feel free to leave comments and ideas for me below 🙂  xxx